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Every sale comes from the best user experience

What is user experience for?

User experience (UX) is what “convinces” your website visitors to buy your product / service instead of that of your competitors. For example, suppose you have to choose which supplier to turn to, but you are not an “expert” in the industry. How do you choose? In this case, there will be several factors (rational, content-related, psychological, graphical) that will significantly influence your choice. The user experience is the sum of all factors that determine the consumer’s choice. The service I offer identifies what these “influential factors” are in your field, implements all the improvements on your site and measures the result.

How I can help you

Analysis and initial evaluation

The initial analysis identifies which “key factors” determine the choice of customers between your company and that of your competitors. These factors can be: rational, content-related, graphical or psychological. The identification takes place through different methodologies, including: psychological tests, behavioral monitoring, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Every business and website is better suited to a different methodology. The analytical processes are standardized and automated, in order to extract as much information as possible at the lowest cost. Once a list of points to improve / test is ready, they will be prioritized, implemented and measured by their performance.


Design & content implementation

Once the “key factors” described above have been identified, they can be implemented. The implementation phase consists of the content and design improvement of the site. If the conditions permit, it will also be possible to test different content variations (A / B testing) to understand which of them produces better results. Development (code), design and copywriting of your site will be treated at a high level and with the best technologies and the best processes that your budget can support. The implementation is a phase that can be performed once, or it can be continuous over time, creating a process of consistent improvement.


Performance measurement

Measurement allows very relevant information to be obtained in order to understand whether a website variation is working in commercial terms. The technological evolution of the web nowadays allows us to measure everything users do on a site. For example, you can record pages that users visit before making a purchase, understand if an acquisition channel is working or not, how long users spend on each page, whether they read it or not, record videos of users who interact with your site, ask personalized questions and receive answers. Once we have established the most important indicators for your site, they can be reported month by month.

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