Management and Dev.


Technology servicing companies, not the other way around.

Operative approach

I deal with development of individual projects, improvement of existing projects and “digital” management. I see web technology as a tool that should serve business and not the other way around. In fact, there are very innovative but not very pragmatic technologies when it comes to solving problems. I help my clients to find simple solutions that are effective at the same time. I handle processes such as development, graphics and content according to the budget and the needs of my clients. Such needs are usually related to marketing, usability, aesthetics, upgradability and scalability.

How I can help you


I can help in the process of planning functional solutions at a technical, strategic, aesthetic and contenutistic level. During the planning phase, we will evaluate together the objectives and development processes according to the needs and potential of your company. A good system at a technical level is a system that maximizes the result obtained with the budget made available, an aspect of which will be fully taken into account. Planning is often underestimated but is essential for the success of a job, especially at a high level. For this reason, I offer a range of study possibilities to take an excellent first step that will facilitate the next phase of development.



Once the objectives and the structure of a project have been clarified, the development phase can be taken over. I can work with technologies of any kind, either through my experience or by employing highly qualified external collaborators. The projects will be ideally divided into milestones, to allow a review at the end of each phase without having to risk repeating everything at the end. An approach of constant collaboration with the client will be encouraged, in order to combine different experiences to achieve something unique and innovative. This is referred to in technical terms as Agile Development (in IT) or Lean Methodology (in business).



I also manage and support existing websites, as well as reviewing the work done by third-party agencies. In terms of support, I offer practical and flexible solutions for any need. Key aspects that have to do with management are the constant improvement of the user experience and online acquisition processes. Moreover, purely technical aspects (back-up, updating, etc.) will surely be taken into consideration in order to provide a complete service.

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