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How it works

When customers are able to find your website and understand the value of your product, it means that you have a good acquisition strategy. Online acquisition can take place through different channels, such as: SEO, SEM, pay per click advertising, remarketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing … and it can be enhanced by assets such as: your website, well thought out marketing strategy, user experience, behavioural data, copywriting, just to name a few. A proper combination of channels, assets and processes can help you acquire more customers at the lowest possible cost.

How I can help you

Analysis of feasibility and opportunities

The analysis identifies the weakest parts of your acquisition strategy and the opportunities that you can take advantage of. It is divided into 3 parts. The first step is to get to know your business through a meeting that will be a sort of “X-ray”. Once the objectives and potential of your business are clear, the second step will be a detailed analysis of your site, your acquisition channels, your assets and the competitive landscape. The output of this analysis will be a detailed report and an online advancement plan for your business. You can decide to stop at the analysis, or proceed with the implementation.


Implementation and / or training

This is the operational phase. Some companies would ask me to manage the implementation for them in outsourcing. Others prefer training with supervision of their internal team (or external agency). Implementation is a process that may involve: technical aspects, improvement of current acquisition channels, testing of new acquisition channels, website and customer journey refining, management of acquisition process and campaigns, continuous improvement and adaptation to the market. The implementation is a process that adapts to the budget that is made available by the customer in order to maximize the obtainable results.


Measurement of results

The goals and metrics that are most important for your business will be decided at the beginning. These aspects will be monitored month by month, so you can evaluate the progress of each operation. Everything can be tracked: visitors, contact requests, sales (and any other objectives). You will be able to understand where customers come from, as well as the cost incurred for each channel of acquisition and the value that brings to the company. The measurement process will also allow you to make very detailed observations on the behavior of users, generating know-how that can be used to improve over time.

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