Privacy Policy

Personal data

This site does not collect personally identifiable data, unless the user requests a quote. The purpose with which such collection is done is to speed up the customer selection process. This data is not stored on the server but is sent by email to the owner of the site on a Google email. The IP address will be sent as well.


Third parties

This site uses third-party services for behavioral monitoring purposes. In order to better understand the use of data by each external operator, you can refer to the data processing described by each of them. The services used are:

  • Google Analytics (will also gather: Client ID and Client IP Address)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SmartLook
  • Hotjar



This site uses cookies. In particular, they can be divided into:

Third-party cookies: refer to the data processing described by each party.
Proprietary cookies: are cookies registered by the site itself, refer to the next paragraph for more information.


Proprietary cookies

The proprietary cookies are those registered by the site itself. They are listed below:

  • user-source: to record the user’s acquisition channel (organic, adwords, referrals …)
  • user-landing: it is used to record the user’s first landing page
  • user-page-experience: to record the list of pages visited

The information contained in these cookies will be sent by email to the owner of the site when a quote is requested. This is done in order to know where users with commercial purposes come from and which pages they visit.



This site can make use of remarketing through:

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Insights
  • Facebook Ads


This site is hosted on Bluehost. Shared hosting with dedicated IP address.


Data controller

Luca Pennisi