Work methodology

My “organizational structure” allows me to have a personal and direct relationship with my clients. I can provide consulting, training and project development/management. I carry out my activities both internationally and locally (Italy / Switzerland). My focus is to ensure that “the internet” is put at the service of businesses and not the other way round, solving problems and not creating new ones. I work with technologies of any kind, either through my experience or by employing highly qualified external collaborators. The value of my work is helping my clients to stay constantly on the edge of digital opportunities while outsourcing this aspect.



Since I work for international clients I consider mine to be a remote-working business. However, my location is very special. Have you ever heard of Lake Como? It’s a wonderful place the northern Italy, on the border with Switzerland. There is a beautiful lake with mountains all around, it’s 1 hour from Milan, 2 hours from the beach and 2 hours from the ski resorts. I live and work here. If you’d like to come and visit me, you are welcome. I can suggest places for you to see in the area. I also lived in London for one year and I can tell you that everything here is exactly the opposite compared to the UK (literally everything).